Recently, Julie was giving Spirit greetings from Orlando, Florida. Julie had seven minutes to describe what she does and give messages to an audience of approximately 300. There were many skeptics in the audience, which lowers the vibration in the room, making it more challenging to give a message. Recipients approached Julie after the show and provided the following validation for their readings. In each case the recipient’s father came in. In the first greeting, Roanoke was where he was stationed in the military, he attended law school, and his home was filled with his favorite sport of fishing. He never got to say goodbye to her birth mother as they weren’t in relationship when he passed. In the second reading, her father was known for his brown pants he wore working on cars for many years. The song I sang, “You’ll Never Know,” was what the recipient sang to her father each day he was in a coma before he crossed over. It was a healing and moving experience for many.

Please enjoy.

Below are comments from others who have experienced these connections.

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Please enjoy their gift of sharing.

“WOW that was an amazing class.  I don’t think I’ll come down from that experience for a long time.  Julie Benson Christensen is so very gifted and her devotion to being of service to others through this work shines through in everything she does.  I can honestly say she is responsible for some of the deepest healing experiences in my life.  I continue to be in awe of her gifts and amazed by her grace and selflessness as she enthusiastically changes lives for the good all around her.  And then her ability to empower others and teach others how to do the same will without question raise the vibration and consciousness of the planet.  Really if you have not already, call her!  Make an appointment or take her next class.  You will be so glad you did!”  – Kathleen Johnson


“Julie has the unique and rare and interesting ability to sense information from the spirit world. She’s been able to connect with loved ones of mine who have passed over; at first this was hard for me to believe but her information is too accurate! It’s been very helpful knowing that loved ones still are helping us; for example, a beloved drawing teacher from 35 years ago, has come through via Julie, to encourage me in my creative work. She’s also channeled my grandparents – and got their exact tone of voice, phrasing, and personality. Julie has been able to channel higher beings too, such as Bodhisattva Quan Yin based on information the helpful spirit was giving. Amazing! Additionally, she can teach you to connect with the spirit realm yourself. She’s been teaching me; and I have already, to my own disbelief, been able to channel some surprisingly accurate information about people I didn’t even know!” – Lily

“I received a beautiful message from my husband through Julie. He came through in a very flirtatious, romantic and sensual way. It was just the way our relationship had been most of the time. He had always been so romantic with me, giving me red roses and chocolate. We just had a fabulous love connection. He came through just like he was in life. He came through in a joyful, loving and sensual way. I remember feeling so much joy with him sharing that part of our life. I had had other readings from different mediums, but he had not come through in that romantic and flirtatious way before. It made me so happy and I felt so close to him. Julie is a very talented medium. I still remember the feeling of joy and love from the reading. It is one of my favorite readings that I have had.” – Stephanie

“I highly recommend Julie for ANY MEDIUM SERVICES YOU MAY NEED. I have had several readings with her and she has ALWAYS been on point. She brought in my guides who gave me direction, gifts and information and validation for my own business as well as past family members. I have always left her with a feeling of purpose, satisfaction and gratitude. THANK YOU JULIE” – LOIS TRAINER, CCHT, CTP

“In the following readings, Julie had no prior information at all. In the summer of 2014, Julie described in physical detail, personality and popularity, the owner (Mr. X) of the company I work for who died many years earlier. In a later reading in Oct 2014 Julie said Mr. X is here in spirit and he’s upset. Julie described from Mr. X about a woman at work who was causing severe work disturbances and how I became her recent target. How she lies and manipulates. That I do all the work exceptionally well and she is incompetent but takes all the credit. Also that her manager knows this and everyone’s complaints, but they have an (inappropriate) relationship and does nothing. Julie said both she and her manager’s issues will be known to people in authority and things will change. Fast forward two months. I found out higher levels of management have had complaints about them and several of those managers have discussed this with each other and with the bad manager. Julie’s reading helped me cope with this very stressful situation. Julie detailed accounts are amazing!” – AB

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee any specific results and the testimonials above do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using this service. This is meant to give you an idea what clients have experienced.