Parties & Circles

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Whether you’re planning a special event and want to make it memorable, or you want to experience a mediumship circle with friends of your choice, Luminous Passages is here to help.

What is a mediumship party or circle?

Parties are generally around themes of birthdays, showers, holidays, office gatherings and more; where the atmosphere may range from fun and celebratory to serious and sacred. You may choose to have readings given either:

  • To the entire group as a demonstration of mediumship.
  • To individuals by themselves in a separate space.
  • As one longer reading to the guest of honor in the presence of the group or separately.


Reaching across the planes of enlightment to reach loved ones who have passed on.Circles provide a sacred space for a gathering of attendees to receive messages and guidance from Spirit. Messages are given in the presence of all attendees. A guided visualization is provided to raise the vibration in the room and then messages are given to each person present.






How do I know if a party or circle is right for me?Friends together at a party discussing mediumship and contacting loves ones.

  • Are you curious about mediumship on a larger scale than an individual reading?
  • Do you have like-minded friends who you would enjoy doing this with you?
  • Are you part of a family all missing one or more family members that have crossed over?
  • Are you a business seeking direction for the future?
  • Are you wanting to offer something unique and special?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above, then a party or circle may be for you.