Ecopsychology: Healing with Nature

Ecopsychology_butterflyuHow would you describe your relationship with nature? Ecopsychology combines ecology (the study of community, of the interrelationship among all forms of life) and psychology (study of the soul). As you read this page, consider your relationship with nature on a spectrum from having no interest or complete discomfort in nature all the way to being involved in environmental activism or spiritual nature experiences and abilities such as animal communication. You can enter this path from anywhere on the spectrum.

There was a time when we were very connected to nature. Our lives depended on the cycles of nature and people all over the world celebrated these cycles (the solstices and the equinoxes). Healing occurred through spirituality and herbs. With the development of scientific theory man’s consciousness changed. Man and nature split. Our perception of reality is always changing. Ecopsychology asks you to reconsider your relationship with nature.
What are the potential benefits of incorporating Ecopsychology into my sessions?

  • Nature can have a profound healing effect on you
  • In return you can have a profound healing effect on nature
  • Learn that you are interconnected and interdependent with all things
  • Open to a passion greater than yourself
  • Improve your mood
  • Decrease fear
  • Encounter a peak, or mystical, experience
  • Access archetypal material
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Find a spiritual path

NatureSittingHow Julie incorporates Ecopsychology in her work:

  • Mindfulness and contemplation practices
  • Nature based visualizations, journeys and exercises in session
  • Supporting you in finding your path in nature (exercise, gardening, volunteering, having a pet etc.)
  • Nature based homework assignments if you choose
  • Teaching nature spirituality practices
  • Offering workshops/retreats in nature

Re-connect and see how enriching and profoundly healing your relationship with nature can be. It’s time to find your place in the family of things as the poem below so beautifully illustrates.