On the Move

Julie had a fun trip through Italy in July.  Please check out some of her videos on readings and messages she was given to present to you!

Messages from Sacred Sites Series

An Introduction

Please enjoy this introduction which will help those unfamiliar with mediumship to understand what I’m doing in these episodes. It’s all about energy! Our consciousness is able to do so much more than we realize. There is no “box” when it comes to consciousness. Coming from California where I often connect with native american guides and more, it was an amazing experience to go to Europe and feel and experience the layers of history there! I am not a historian and tried to go with as little info as possible so I could research after. I just connect and give what I get. Please enjoy.

The Flame of Vesta, Roman Forum, Rome, Italy

This was a fun message. I have no idea what I’m going to get and this was great. This flame was tended by the Vestal Virgins and is located in the Roman Forum. What an amazing space! Enjoy.

Julius Caesar, Roman Forum, Rome, Italy

A few more things…this is where his body was cremated and not where his ashes are. I forgot to add that he came in as a young man in his prime. I saw him in a toga, tall with golden hair and very handsome. I felt he cared for one woman more than the others he would have known and there was something about children but seems like they were outside of marriage. I wish I could have you feel his intelligence because that’s what stood out to me. His mind was clear, quick, focused. This man was REALLY smart! I brought him in again later. He was indignant and said, “I was slaughtered and then my name was besmirched by those I trusted. A great injustice has been done to me.” I’ll have to look into that. Enjoy.

Temple of the Four Deities, Herculaneum, Italy

I apologize the voice recording doesn’t line up with the images but the message is still good. This was at the Temple of the Four Divinities (Minerva, Neptune, Mercury, and Volcano) related to trade, craft and manufacturing.

Pompei, Italy

Mediumship message from Pompeii. I couldn’t validate a large statue near the port so could be symbolic. I did learn the port used to be closer and is underwater perhaps before Roman period.

The Temple of Venus, Erice, Italy

This is my favorite. The Temple of Venus, Aphrodite, Astarte (same goddess) had energy off the charts by the well. Definitely, a powerful space. Sacred prostitution was practiced here. I didn’t see sex although the male was unclothed. The woman wasn’t only elegant but she was confident too, comfortable with herself, and intelligent. This temple lasted for a very long time. In researching after, the Phoenicians were founders too of Erice and perhaps the girl was from that period. You get the added bonus of a video bomber too – my daughter.

Temple of Hera, Agrigento, Italy

What I love about this segment is when I’m done filming I read the plaque for the site and it says the temple was erroneously attributed to Hera. Well, no wonder I kept hearing it wasn’t her place! I like to have as little information as possible so I can later research it. The ill boy I saw had a bent leg, arm and possibly spine so I do think people would have come here about healing. After reading the plaque, I should have tried again but didn’t think of it at the time. Enjoy.

Temple of Concordia, Agrigento, Sicily

This one may remain a mystery. This is at the Valley of the Temples. I say a mystery because it’s not cetain this fabulous doric temple belonged to Concordia. I do the readings with as little prior knowledge as possible so I can look up things later to validate what I’m getting. The hair I saw for Concordia matches a coin I found online but I didn’t bring in the symbols normally associated with her. The grapes and party atmosphere remind me somewhat of Dionysus. It was designated to Concordia based on a sign with her name found nearby the site. Still, it’s beautiful and the message is good.

The Temple of Zeus, Agrigento, Sicily

This reading and the others from Agrigento are at the Valley of Temples there. Just beautiful. I’m starting to melt though at 98° and humid and little shade. Please enjoy.

The Temple of Demeter and Persephone, Agrigento, Sicily

Also known as the Temple of Cthonian Deities, this temple was devoted to Demeter and her daughter Kore Persephone. I looked up the flower I see during the reading and it matches the narcissus flower of the story of Kore and Hades. The pictures show a white flower with a dark orange center where I was seeing more reddish.

The Temple of Apollo, Ortygia, Sicily

This segment makes me smile. My daughter filmed it and the camera goes everywhere. What makes me smile though is I get zapped with Apollo’s sexual energy rendering it difficult to think or give a message. I’m certainly happy though! We only had a few hours on Ortygia and the energy there was wonderful. Would love to return for a few days.

The Sistine Chapel and Along The Amalfi Coast

I didn’t film at either of these locations but wanted to share my experience connecting at both because it was special. Enjoy.