On the Move

Julie just came back from a fun trip through Italy.  Please check out some of her videos on readings and messages she was given to present to you!

** Under contruction**  There are descriptions with additional information for each video.  To see them now please visit our YouTube channel at:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPMto7SXFSyN171flTXETg or press the YouTube button at the bottom of the webite screen.

Messages from Sacred Sites Series

An Introduction

The Flame of Vesta, Roman Forum, Rome, Italy

Julius Caesar, Roman Forum, Rome, Italy

Temple of the Four Deities, Herculaneum, Italy

Pompei, Italy

The Temple of Venus, Erice, Italy

Temple of Hera, Agrigento, Italy

Temple of Concordia, Agrigento, Sicily

The Temple of Zeus, Agrigento, Sicily

The Temple of Demeter and Persephone, Agrigento, Sicily

The Temple of Apollo, Ortygia, Sicily

The Sistine Chapel and Along The Amalfi Coast