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Julie was invited to be a guest on Anthony Overbay’s podcast, The Virtual Coach:

Julie Christensen Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor pt1

The Virtual Coach - Podcast Episode with Julie Christensen

“Do you believe in spirits, ghosts, or communicating with people who have passed? There is a lot of coverage on the practice of “Mediumship” right now thanks to TV shows like Long Island Medium, and in this episode I sit down with Julie Christensen from Luminous Passages.

Julie is a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as a psychic medium and intuitive counselor. She was an amazing interview as she says right on her website that she herself grew up skeptical about the practice but couldn’t deny her gifts after her own personal awakening.

She was open, honest, vulnerable and funny and the interview went long, so I split it into two episodes.”

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Julie Christensen Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor pt2

The Virtual Coach - Podcast Episode with Julie Christensen

Part 2 of Tony’s interview with psychic medium and intuitive counselor Julie Christensen plus at the end of the interview Tony includes Julie’s reading on Tony. Julie Christensen is the owner of Luminous Passages where she helps others through the use of mediumship. She is receptive to the frequency and energy of Spirit. Julie had some mediumistic experiences as a child and earlier in her adulthood but really developed her skills in the past five years through study, practice and doing her own healing work. She has gone from being what you could call a skeptic to fully embracing her abilities as a psychic medium. In pt1 of her interview, Julie takes us through her early years and her brief encounters with spirits, as well as through her own “awakening” that eventually led to the formation of her Luminous Passages practice.  I like how Julie put it on her site about pt 2 “For those not accustomed to mediumship and all it can encompass I’ll be pushing you to the limit! Don’t miss the great reading at the end that I think was brought through for someone to really benefit from. Could possibly even save a life.” 

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Television Interviews

Julie was interviewed on Good Day Sacramento.

Finding Your Inner Medium


Energy Clearing

She is always open to meeting with groups and bringing her stories, experience and expertise to people. If you are interested in bringing Julie onto your show, blog, vodcast, or such – let us know!  You can reach us by email or phone!